Production Update - FEB 25, 2019

Hello there!

I wanted to share our current timeline as orders have been picking up lately. All current orders will have a processing + production time of about 2-3 weeks prior to shipment.

Why the delay you ask?

I am currently working through my last semester of my Bachelors program, and as you can imagine, things are getting a bit hectic at school. For those of you who don’t know, I am working towards my degree in Interior Design, and it is far more work than just picking paint colours and finishes for the next condominium. I will be finishing up a full construction set (3000 sq.ft.) for my Capstone Project, with renderings and specification writing. This amount of work does take a lot of time, and I really do appreciate your patience with me as I work through your orders!

What is the status of my order? What if I need my order …for a gift, birthday, etc?

Shoot me an email at and I will see what I can do for you! Each order has to be cut, pressed, and prepped for sewing; each piece is custom made to order, and we don’t have anything pre-made, so it does take a bit more time.

When will the split sleeves/Ergodox sleeves be released?

One of the most requested sleeves yet! I know I said in a previous post that the split sleeve would be released back in December, but that Christmas holiday just flew by so fast and I needed a break! That being said…

The split sleeve/Ergodox sleeves should be finalized and ready for release by the end of May!

What other products will you be releasing in the summer?

I will be taking some time off after graduation to really push SPECIALEE MADE and put more products out there for you to enjoy. Laptop/iPad sleeves, totes, and whatever else comes to mind. I will be solely focusing my efforts on creating new product lines, so stay tuned!

As always, if you have any questions regarding your current or future orders, please reach out to me at!

Stay Awesome,