SPECIALEE MADE: The Force (Re)Awakens

Hi All!

Welcome back! I am happy to announce that our hiatus is over! Thank you so much for your patience during this time as I finished my semester. As a one-person team, things can get quite hectic real fast, and I felt the need to take a break. But I'm back and ready to make more awesome sleeves for you all! Woohoo!

I have updated the current inventory of fabric selection, with a bunch of funky printed canvas pieces. I look forward to seeing how we can work them into some wicked sleeves! 

I have also tweaked some of the pricing around, adding a new category for the smaller keyboards. This makes it a bit more fair for users with smaller keyboards (which use less fabric than their larger counterparts). You can check out the Sizing Guide for more details on where your keyboard fits in.

I do realize that we are reopening right before Christmas, so it's a bit too late for Christmas shopping. However, feel free to send your orders in! I will start working on orders after Christmas, as I will be spending time with my family :)

I hope that you all have a GREAT HOLIDAY and MERRY CHRISTMAS!