SPECIALEE MADE is designed and made in Vancouver, B.C. Canada by Louisa Lee. It is her way of sharing one of her passions with the world. SPECIALEE MADE has allowed Louisa to be connected to many wonderful people from all over the globe.

SPECIALEE MADE is an outlet to express creativity. All of our products have been designed with various sources of inspiration in mind. Some of our products were designed by users like yourself. Others have been built in collaboration with Louisa and the community. Altogether, SPECIALEE MADE creates crafty products that can be shared with the world. 

SPECIALEE MADE is a gift. Each SPECIALEE MADE item is made with care and love. Every cut of the fabric and every stitch of the seam is carefully put together to provide you with a product that we are proud to make for you. 

SPECIALEE MADE is as green as we can be. Our materials are sourced from local fabric stores and hobby shops. We try to utilize as much of each fabric piece as we can to minimize waste. Any scrap fabric is later turned into stuffing for other products. Our packaging is made of recycled kraft paper, and can be recycled after you have received your product. 

SPECIALEE MADE is yours. When you order a product from us, we hope that the experience is something you'll never forget. From choosing your own fabrics, to the types of pockets, right down to the colour of the seams, the choice is yours. We hope that when you receive and use your product that it serves you well in your everyday life. Each and every product is SPECIALEE MADE for you.